Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Following is the Proposed Trip Iternerary:

March 11th: Saturday
  • Travel to Pittsburgh Amtrak Station and NYC
  • Arrive in NYC, stow gear at Hanson Place then head to Times Square

March 12th: Sunday

  • Sunday Worship at Hanson Place UMC
  • Sightsee: Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street/Stock Exchange
  • Midnight Run

March 13th: Monday

  • BX Warehouse Food Bank, Brox
  • Evening: Empire State Building and Trump Tower

March 14th: Tuesday

  • Westside Campaign Against Hunger
  • Evening: Little Italy/Chinatown

March 15th: Wednesday

  • Yorkville Common Pantry
  • "Thank You" Project for Hanson Place
  • Evening: St. Paul's Church/Rockefeller Center

March 16th: Thursday

  • Yorkshire Common Pantry
  • Central Park and Montel Williams Show taping* *(unconfirmed)
  • Finish "Thank You" Project and Midnight Run

March 17th: Friday

  • Ground Zero and St. Paul's Church
  • 9/11 Memories w/ Tamar Auber of Salvation Army
  • Radio City Music Hall / Broadway

March 18th: Saturday

  • Depart NYC and return home


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