Friday, March 10, 2006

Final Thoughts Before We Leave

In the comment section please post the following:
Those going: Things you have been thinking during this week leading up to the trip

Those Following our Adventures: Any words of wisdom or encouragement you would like to leave to the group feel free to post

Let the Adenture Begin...


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Chad Burdette said...

This week has been a mixed set of emotions for me. One I am excited to get to travel to NYC and have this experience on the other hand I am not going t be able to work and get money...had to turn down a 2 day substitute job, which are great because thats one day I don't have to worry about not getting called.
In my Home Group we are doing Andy Stanley's "Defining Moments" and this week we looked at what our view on money and uses our finances say about our relationship with God. I came to the realization that yes I am giving up the possibility of a nice sized paycheck but I am giving of myslef and becasue I am serving others then the Lord will bless me and He will be faithful and provide for me.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

For the first time in I think ever, I am really excited about going somewhere. I have been on several other similar trips like this, but I never really got excited about it...I was glad I was going but not thrilled. This trip is different. This morning I woke up thinking "I get to go to NYC!!!" I've been there 3 times before so why I feel this way now...go figure. Maybe it's the new group of awesome people I am going with, or the need to get away from WVU for a few days...well that may be part of it. I think the biggest part is knowing that God is going to work amazing things through our group. I am very excited about this trip, and I can't wait to see everyone at 5 am on our first official day of spring break! :-)

At 9:33 PM, Blogger Michelle S. said...

The night before we leave...last year at this time I was debating whether or not I could handle the trip. I was afraid of what I might be exposed to, I was worried that I would be frightened...but this year, I know I am supposed to be going on this trip. I feel called to go, and I know this is where I am meant to spend my spring break. I trust it will be just as wonderful as last year, and my heart will be opened even more. Last year my eyes were opened to the problems that exist not only in NYC, but also here in Morgantown. I have seen sorrow and joy in the most unusual places. I also have felt led by guardian angels in the most unlikely places. I am confident in all that I am doing, and this week I have felt and seen so many signs that point me in this direction. I am excited and ready to do what I feel in my heart is right. NYC here I come!

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Mandy Vance said...

In all honest, I am going without any expectation except that God will do
what He pleases. I just want to have an open mind and be ready to recieve
what God has in store.

Mandy Vance

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going ready to have a great time. I always enjoy mission trips and I am excited because I know that by the end of the trip it is going to be the best feeling in the world.

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Katy Whitehair said...

I am overjoyed about this trip!!! I have to be up in 4 hours though... so we'll see how it all begins on 4 hours of sleep. BUT I have never been to NYC before. I'm not really sure what I am expecting about the city. Maybe I'll be disappointed and yet maybe I have no idea what to expect! This is also my first missions trip. I really don't know what to expect in any aspect of this trip. I am going in knowing that God has full control of everything we are doing and He knows the plans He has for our group. It is going to be an AMAZING trip with a group of GREAT people. I'm looking very forward to getting to know everyone very well and making new friends with my Brothers and Sisters In Christ!!!

Keep us in your prayers!!!! :-)

God Bless!


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