Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

Only being in New York for 3 days I have realized that this has been the most eventful trip I have ever been on. So much has happened that I can’t type it all or this blog would be forever long.
Last night a small group of us went on a midnight run. We went all over the city and handed food bags, clothing, and other items to the homeless. Most of the people we served were very gracious and had such a great attitude. We did have an interesting encounter with an officer at the Penn Station, but it was a minor run in and was easily fixed. We ended up coming back to the church around 2 am. Needless to say we crashed as soon as we hit our beds.
This morning after our long evening out we woke up at 6:45 am and went to the food bank. There we helped them sort and package 15,000 pounds of food. It was an eye opener to see all the work that had to be done to feed the people of New York…and we only did part of the work. I’m glad we got to help them out, and meet such great people.
Later we were able to go to the Empire State Building. It was timed so that we were at the top of the building just at dusk. The sunset was beautiful, and it shown a light over the banks of New York that gave it a certain glow that was captivating. There was a wonderful proposal in the group, but I will let one of them…or someone about that J
We had a some other fun things go on this evening, but I will refrain to keep this short. All in all it has been a very long 3 days…with 5 more days to go. But this is the best trip I have been on. The friendships that are growing within the group are wonderful, the touring around the city is fun, but being able to help the people that need a lift in life is definitely the best thing of all.



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