Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday: March 15, 2006

In the morning we started by doing some work at Hanson Place while some members policed the areas we used so that they were ready for the programs that took place at Hanson. One of the groups worked tutoring Spanish speaking teenagers and the rest of us worked in the food pantry helping the clients when they came into collect their food. Later in the morning those who were not working in the food pantry left and headed to Yorkville Common Pantry where they prepared meals to be distributed.
Later that afternoon once the Yorkville Common Pantry group returned we left again and went out to see Coney Island and to the ocean. This was team member Skye Doney’s first experience being at the ocean, which it was obvious he thoroughly enjoyed. After walking along the beach, climbing the rocks, and letting the wind whip around us we headed to Nathan’s Hotdogs, where world famous hot dogs were consumed. We then headed back to Hanson Place where Group 2 fixed dinner and the rest started on the “Thank You” project which consisted of painting one of the meeting rooms and stairwell in the church. After dinner we continued to work on the painting and getting ready for the next day before retiring to bed.


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