Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thursday: March 16, 2006

Thursday the group once again split up to do activities. Those members who were on the trip last year stayed back at Hanson Place to finish up the painting and to help out around there while the rest of us returned to the Yorkville Common Pantry. At the pantry we worked on putting meals together for clients to pick up and helped them when they came to pick up their food. Following our work there we stopped in Central Park to have lunch before heading back to Hanson. After returning to Hanson place and taking showers, we were given free time to explore the City. Some people went shopping, others went to Times Square, and some went to the Metropolitan Museum (which was closed so we ended up walking the Brooklyn Bridge). Group three fixed the evening meal while everyone else prepared lunches for the Midnight Runners and Midnight Trekker groups. The Trekkers were groups composed of those members who went on the first Midnight Run and went to random areas to pass out meals to those homeless people they found.


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